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Guild Charter and Rules

Charter Introduction

Since The Bannerless Order has a presense in multiple games and servers some of the rules for the guild may vary from game to game, with that being said we do not have many rules in The Bannerless Order but we do ask guild members to follow the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

- While we know slips happen we ask that you try to refrain from using profanity in guild channels and open chat channels (this is a violation of the game's terms of use and has been known to result in bans from GMs)

- Racial slurs, racial insults, jokes about sexual orientation or sexual assault will not be tolerated at any time in any in game channel, remember your behavior can affect the guild as a whole. (this is also a violation of the game's terms of use and has been known to result in bans from GMs)

- Please be respectful to other players, with a large guild we know there will be personality conflicts but please try to resolve them in private. If you cannot resolve an issue please speak with a Guild Officer, Server Leader or a one of the Guild Leaders

Membership Requirements

All levels, classes and account types are welcome in The Bannerless Order Guild. Anyone that is of appropriate level for the raid the guild is running is welcome to join a raid as long as there is an opening in the raid (Raid requirements may vary between different games). All raid team members are appointed by the Leader with input from the Vice Leaders, Server Leaders, and Officers.

New Members

New members will hold the rank of Applicant and will require a 7 day recruitment period. During this time they will not have access to the guild banks (this is to protect the guild from bank thieves) If you are in your recruitment period and wish to obtain an item in the guild bank please ask an Officer to retrieve it for you. New Members who are family or real life friends of current members that are no recruits will bypass the 14 day recruitment process.

Guild Bank

The items in the guild bank are available for all to use. These items are placed there to help the guild progress, grow and for the improvement of member's characters. Please be respectful of the bank when using items from it and take only what you need. THERE IS AT NO TIME to be removing from the bank to place items on any games auction house without an Officer's or Leader’s approval.

Guild and Ranks

In every type of organization there must be structure and a chain of command. Keeping this in mind all members of the guild are treated equally. The rank structure is as follows:

Applicant : First 14 days in the guild so we can get to know you and you get to know us.

Member Alt : Alts of members not in the recruitment stage

Citizen : Members of the guild that have completed the 7 day recruitment process.

Guild Officer: This is a group that assists the guild and leaders in running the guild , set policy for the guild and conduct disciplinary action on guild members violating guild rules.

Server Leader: This person is responsible for operation of the guild on the particular server or game The Bannerless Order has a presence in. This role is served in the absence of the guild leader in game or on server but reports to the Guild Leadership. The server leader is considered a guild officer with additional responsibilities.

Vice Leader: Will hold the power of guild Leader temporarily in the event of absence of the guild Leaders due to internet problems etc.

Guild Leaders: Run the guild and Officers meetings, appoints Officers and handles all disciplinary action involving Officers who break guild rules or members have disputes with.

Additional Role Ranks

Bannerless Order Raiders (Raid Teams Members)

While raiding in The Bannerless Order guild is optional the Bannerless Order. Unfortunately due to limitations of games we have events and raids in raid spots are limited. We have put the following rules and guidelines in place to help our raid teams run smoothly:

- Keep your raid attendance up, though we know at times you have to miss raids however please let an Officer or raid leader know by posting on the raid absence thread, failure to post can result in penalties against the raider ranging from removal from the current raid to other actions to be determined by the Raid Strat committee.  Back up raiders are not required to post but will only earn DKP if they are available for the entire raid in mumble etc.

- Two unexcused absences with in a 60 day period will result in being moved to back up status and your spot taken by a member waiting on a raid spot to open up. Any officers who violate this rule can be demoted in rank.

-Being late to raid form up more than twice in a 30 day period will also result in an unexcused absence.
- Excused absences include, family emergencies, health issues, job related absences etc., and are only excused if posted on the raid absence thread at least 2 hours before raid form up.

- If a raider has too many absences whether excused or unexcused they can also be placed on the back up roster until they can be consistent and make the raid schedule again. This is up to the Guild Leader or Raid Team Leader.

- Whether a raid absence is excused or unexcused is up to the Raid Leader for the night or the Guild Leader.

- Be prepared by having the items you need, armor repaired, being logged into Mumble and being in the raid form up area at raid form up time with items needed for the raid. Failure to do so can result in penalties against the raider ranging from removal from the current raid to other actions to be determined by the Raid Strat committee. 
-All Raiders will declare a raid main. This is the toon you will bring to all raids, no alts allowed, unless requested that you bring an alt by the Raid Leader or Guild Leader.

- ALL raiders are required to keep their raid zones unlocked and available for runs on their raid main until the last raid of the week before reset. Once the last scheduled raid of the week is ran before raid zone reset you are welcome to lock your toons to that zone to complete it before zone reset if you wish. Any zones locked at run time can result in penalties ranging from raid suspension to losing loot privlidges for a specified period of time.

- ALL RAIDERS must run a parser at all times to track their DPS etc. to help them improve. Raid groups in SWTOR are not required unless you are asked to join a raid group by a Guild Raid Strat Committee Member.

- Each raid team is given a 10 minute AFK break close to the top of each hour for restroom breaks, etc. NO AFKs outside of those times are allowed unless it is an emergency. Any AFKs outside of those times without approval or emergency can result in penalties against the raider ranging from removal from the current raid to other actions to be determined by the Raid Strat committee. 

- Strats for each raid boss will be given by a member of our Raid Strat Committee. Please do not argue with the person giving the Strat and if you have a suggestion please send it in a private message (ie. whisper or tell) to the person giving the Strat unless the person giving the strat asks for open discussion. The typical time between strat explanation and pulling the boss should be around 5 minutes (this can vary depending on the boss fight and the mechanics).

- Do not argue with your team leader or overall raid leader for the night. If you do not agree with something ask to discuss it in private after the raid.

- Keep the voice chat channel clear during all boss fights, the Raid Strat person will call the fight, please allow him / her to do that unless you are requested to help. If you do need to communicate something to the raid team during a pull please keep your communication as short as possible (Example: Kahn shackled)

- Raid Team Leaders reserve the right to remove anyone from their raid team during a raid if they feel a raider is not following the rules, being disruptive etc. If you are removed from the raid for violating the raid rules further action can be taken from a, loss of DKP, raid suspension, moved to back up roster or complete removal from the guild.

If you wish to change your raid main please speak with one of the Guild Leaders as well as your Raid Team Leader. Raid Main changes will only be allowed if your role can be replaced and there is an opening for the role you are looking to change to. If you want to change your raid main to the same role as the one you are currently playing you still must get approval before doing so.

Raid Teams Members are chosen and appointed by the team leader and approved by the Leader for each raid team. Only ta Guild Leader may overturn a raid team leader decision or appointment or transfer a member to another raid Team. New members to raid teams who are qualified are appointed when openings are available or when enough members express an interest in raiding to form an additional raid team.

When we have absences or openings we will invite members that are not members of current raid teams. Please let an Officer or Leader know when joining if you are interested in raiding so you can be added to the reserve list.

Raid Loot Rules

Loot Rules vary from game to game. Please see a raid leader or raid strat officer for more info on loot rules in the game you play.

Officers (Guild Officers)

There are 6 Officers in the guild There are here to assist you with any guild issues you may have.

Guild Officer Meetings are held once a month however any of the Guild Leaders may call for an emergency Guild Officer meeting to deal with issues that require immediate attention such as disciplinary issues etc.

Officers are nominated by the Guild Leader and voted upon by the current Officers.

Officers help the guild leader set policy, rules and handle disciplinary actions and mediate disputes between members for the guild.

Officers must have at least 60 days in the guild unless upon nomination unless the current sitting Officers vote to grant an exception to that rule.

Officers can be demoted if inactive for a period of time or as part of a disciplinary action by the guild leadership.

Guild Officer Meetings require at least 3 Officers present plus a Leader to have a quorum to conduct business or disciplinary actions unless an emergency situation requires immediate action on an issue.

Each officer holds the rank of officer in every game The Bannerless Order has a presence in. Example: If you are a guild officer in SWTOR you also hold the rank of officer in Everquest II and other games the Bannerless Order has a presence in.

Guild Leaders (Guild Leaders)

The Guild Leaders are responsible for the day to day operation of the guild and have the power to make decisions that they feel are best for the guild at that time.

The Guild Leaders have veto power over a Guild Officers vote if they feel the vote is not in the best interest of the guild. A unanimous vote of the Guild Officers is required to overturn such a veto.

If a current Guild Leaders wishes to step down he may appoint a replacement either temporary or permanent from within the current sitting Officers. The Guild Officers must approve his appointment by a full Officer vote of at least10 of the 14 Officers.

Guild Leaders may appoint Officers to the Guild Officer if a quorum of 3 Officers are not available due to a lack of Officers.

Disciplinary Actions

While we are all adults and should be able to behave like adults from time to time issues arise that require the attention of the Guild Officers via the Sergeant at Arms or Guild Leaders.

Members having an issue or dispute with another member should bring the matter to the attention of an Officer or guild leader. If warranted the Officers will meet to discuss the matter and decide what action should be taken, anything from a conversation with the offending member to removal of the offending member from the guild. While Officers do not have the authority to remove members from the guild for minor offenses without an Officer review they can remove any member who is being offensive and abusive in guild chat or open channels or in matters in which they feel action needs to be taken before an Officer review. Any Officers removing someone from the guild will report the removal to the guild leadership and a review will be conducted in the next Officers meeting of the incident.

Members who are removed from the guild without an Officer review may petition the guild leader for readmission to the guild. Any member removed from the guild after an Officer review may petition for readmission to the guild which must be voted on and approved by the Officers.
Disciplinary actions involving Officers as offending members are handled by the Guild Leaders but they may consult with other Officers.

Most Important Guild Rule


NOTE: This charter maybe changed at any time and without notice.

Last Revision: Monday Oct 27, 2015

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